Athletic Republic is the culmination of two decades of improving athletic performance.

That's longer than most athletes' careers.  John Frappier designed the original Acceleration Training programs through careful research and input from a team of sports medicine professionals, athletic trainers, and elite coaches.

His first innovative programs were for gymnasts. In 1986, he traveled with the U.S. National Team to the Soviet Union as part of the Goodwill Games delegation. There he realized that America's athletic training lagged behind the Soviets. Soon after, he started devising new ways to train and new machines to push athletes safely beyond their physiological limits. The first was the Super Running Treadmill, that was quickly followed by the patented Hockey Treadmill, the innovative Plyopress, contrast training cords designed to provide resistance to key muscle groups at game speed velocities, and plyometric platforms designed to improve fundamental movement skills, explosive power and agility.

Following in his footsteps, Athletic Republic's Chief Science and Technology Officer, Steve Swanson, performed several key research studies on incline running, sprinting/skating mechanics, Athletic Republic's patented SprintCords™, and developed a number of innovative testing devices like the 3PQ, AccuPower, Force Treadmill and the ability to synchronize test data with Dartfish video. Steve also developed AIMS, one of the world's first online performance sports training testing database systems that stores key performance data that allows the continued evolution of the training programs through an evidence based approach. In 2010, AIMS morphed into the interactive athlete database and video profiler called the Athletic Republic Locker Room. It helps athletes understand how they stack up against their competition, what they need to do to get better and a way for them to share their athletic accomplishments online to "get noticed".

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