Junior Republic

(20 sessions) Designed for the youth athlete ages 8-11. Focus on fundamental movement patterns. Strength training consists of primarily body weight exercises. Sessions are 45-60 mins.

Advanced Republic

(20 sessions) Cornerstone of Acceleration program. Best for the Jr. High and High School athlete. More emphasis on strength and power development. Sessions are 60-75 mins.

Elite Republic

(26 sessions) For the advanced HS, College and professional athlete. (12) Speed development and (12) Plyometric sessions takes the athlete through a full progression for optimal results.

Team Training

(20 – 26 sessions) An hour and a half of Athletic Republic’s patented training program designed to not only increase every members overall speed/agility/power but also to build team unity and focus on sport-specific skills and strengthen team weaknesses.

Monthly Programs

For any athlete that has completed a (20) or (26) session package. Our (3,6 or 12) month commitments keep the dedicated athlete on track to be at their absolute best when tryouts begin! Best value.


Typically (12) sessions. Designed for the in-season athlete. Training sessions include both speed and plyometric work. Extremely important for the athlete not wanting to lose pre-season improvements and overall strength.

Recreational Athlete

(20 sessions) Developed for the active adult athlete still competing in their sport of choice. Modeled after Athletic Republic’s base program but customized to meet the needs of the older athlete.

Personal Training

Athletic Republic’s Elite Personal Training is dedicated to providing individualized functional training programs to anyone expressing interest in improving their overall fitness and total wellness.